Clarendon parish

The parish of Clarendon was formed three parishes, namely Vere, St Dorothy and Clarendon. According to one early account written by William Beckford in 1790, the districts of Cross and Chapel were described as villages containing about 10 houses each, 16,800 slaves, 200 settlements and 78 sugar works. Vere was described as possessing 23 sugar works, 136 settlements with roughly 67oo slaves.

Earliest known settlers to arrive in Clarendon during the 17th and 18th centuries are listed in the table below.


Allison Israel Tapper
Anglin Knight Thomas
Archer Lindsay Thompson
Bailey McDonald Williams
Boothe Mcpherson
Campbell Mitchell
Cotterill Nairne
Dawkins Powell
Douce Pusey
Douglas Reid
Ellis Ricketts
Fearon Rose
Gilfillian Sheckles
Hayles Smith

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