Years ago I began work as a researcher of family history. It soon became apparent that my passion for genealogy and family history increased my desire to look in more depth of my family`s history. I am privileged to be able to share and analyse evidence obtained with my cousins and other members of the family who also has the same interest such as Melsia Kraftner, Junior Tomlin, Barbara Tomlin, Paul Ford, David J Simpson and Willie Williams. My efforts have evolved in to the work of family historian, researcher and genealogist with special interest in Caribbean records. My ancestors are from the parishes St Ann, Manchester, St Elizabeth and Clarendon parishes in Jamaica.  My family names are Morris, Hayles, Tomlin, Ford, Wilson, Hanson, Holness, Archibald, Pinto, McClymont, Lawrence and Levy.

I do commissioned work for individuals, groups and organisations. For further information, please feel free to view www.tomlinso.com or email info@tomlinso.com or call on 07508 375 417. If you require commissioned research please indicate by completing the initial inquiry contact form below with your email address and  or contact number. Sharon will respond to your initial query within seven days.

I have viewed many thousands of records and have visited the main repositories connected to Caribbean family history. I have given presentations and delivered talks, as well as support individual efforts to pursue family history through directing lines of inquiries, research, compiling and presenting genealogical reports to clients.

Although this site is dedicated to families of Jamaican descent and ancestry or connection, a link has been created to incorporate interest of enquirers from the Caribbean. The site will be updated with information as soon as further information become available.

Please feel free to share your ideas. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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