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Familysearch website is a free resource that has information on records of birth, baptisms, marriages, burials and death (BMB/D) resources from the world. Many entries are information donated by members of the church. Newer records have been extracted by a team of volunteers. This process is still a working process of which Familysearch are always looking for volunteers to index. If you interested in volunteering, you can apply through this link Follow the instructions on screen and in no time you are good to go.

In the meantime, there are millions of records and many thousands of images of registers and certificates uploaded for Jamaica.  At present you can view registers and certificates for parishes Clarendon, St Ann, St Andrew, Kingston and Trelawny. Information is available for all parishes that contains a combination of sources such as individual contributions and from the extraction programme.


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  1. There are several sides to most stories. We have to be careful when we go digging for information as names are either handed down or assumed. The name ” Knight” can be traced to Manchester and St Elizabeth. The owner of the slave plantation came from England and his name was Knight. I know this because I am the Great Great grandson of James Knight who was martyred for teaching his fellow slaves to read and write on the Raheene Estate. there were four brothers who were taken from Africa, two came to Jamaica and two to South Carolina. I have made contact with some descendants in South Carolina. This is very interesting and more of us need to know this part of History.

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